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The Republic of Zimbabwe

Almost all lin-32 mutants failed to express inx-1 ( Unisex Adults CTAS Ox Port/Garnet/Egret Trainers Red Converse 0vjUgJ7P
, S3 Table ). INX-1 is the only known electrical synapse component of AIB interneurons [ 21 ]. To examine how AIB electrical synapses contributed to the optimization of avoidance behaviors, we analyzed the degrees of the behavioral defects of the inx-1 null mutants. Compared to the wild type animals ( Modal Scarf i love fire by VIDA VIDA s9tNF
), the inx-1 mutants exhibited significantly reduced omega turns in 2 M, 4 M and 6 M sorbitol ( Fig 5A ) (p < 0.0001, ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests). The defects in inx-1 seemed to be slightly weaker than those of lin-32 , but the differences were not significant between inx-1 mutants and lin-32 mutants or lin-32 inx-1 double mutants ( Fig 5B ) (p > 0.05, respectively. ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests). These behavioral data suggest inx-1 is downstream of lin-32 .

Fig 5. AIB electrical synapses are required for the optimization of probability of omega turn.

(A) inx-1 mutants show impaired avoidance behaviors independent on the sorbitol concentration. n = 33,10,35,10,10. (B) The frequency of avoidance behaviors toward 2 M sorbitol. inx-1 mutants show reduced omega turns compared to the wild type animals. The inx-1 phenotypes were not different from those of lin-32 mutants and lin-32 inx-1 double mutants. n = 4,4,4,12. (C) Expression of inx-1 cDNA driven by its own promoter ( inx-1; Pinx-1 :: INX-1 ) and the AIB lineage-selectively promoter ( inx-1 ; Punc-130 :: INX-1 ) fully rescues osmotic avoidance defects in response to 2 M sorbitol. n = 21,21,22,13. (D) Expression of Punc-130 :: INX-1 cDNA fully rescues osmotic avoidance defects in lin-32 mutants in response to 2 M sorbitol. n = 21,21,13. (E) AIB::gfp::TeTx transgenic animals can adjust probability of omega turns depending on the sorbitol drop concentration. n = 8,8,9,9,9. n = plate (cohort) of approximately 10–20 animals. The data are presented as the mean ± SEM.

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We performed AIB-specific INX-1 rescue experiments to verify that inx-1 acted in AIB. The results showed that the expression of INX-1 cDNA under Punc-130 , could fully rescue the defect, as could the authentic inx-1 promoter ( Fig 5C ). In addition, INX-1 cDNA expression under the control of Punc-130 also fully rescued the defects in the lin-32 mutants ( Grey Signature Dots Silk Pocket Square Eton MkKiyZQjwM
). In both cases, there were significant differences relative to each single mutant (p < 0.001, respectively. ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests), and no significant differences relative to the wild type animals (p > 0.05, respectively. ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests).

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